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Main Characteristics

Rebel Skin Technology


We don't want million products. We don't want average and 'everything is right' stuff. We don't want copies or calculations.

We want to create PERFECT models. When you try our products, we need to make sure that you will not wear any other brands. Ever!

We are athletes and we create for athletes.

Our activewear has been perfect for nearly a year. Throughout the year we tested materials on density, flexibility and thickness, so that we achieve optimum in every way.

We tested different fonts, good and better. So we finally created the perfect model.


1. high quality functional materials; very durable, soft and nice and at the same time
pleasant to touch; completely match the silhouette

2. a fabric that breathes and drains moisture away

3. suitable and optimal material density; all leggings are opaque

4. a wide and comfortable belt

5. reinforced, flat seams; provide maximum comfort in use

6. refined, asymmetrical condition; high and supported on the back; classic cut on the front side

7. The ink that we use to produce graphics is characterized by very intense, lively with a wide range of colors and excellent durability

I knew what I was looking for. Hours and years, customer consultations and gym training. What is the most appropriate? Most practical? How do you feel best? I have always asked these questions - myself and my clients.

With the greatest attention, we worked on all details, every little thing. They are here. Perfect. We put our activewear in your hands.

I recommend with all my heart!
Nat Rusinowska

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