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Špela from Slap ob Idrijci(Slovenia) 07.12.2020

Hello, just would like to inform you that I received leggings, try them and they really fulfilled my expectations! Great, wonderful story on skin! Continue with good work and I wish you a nice December.

Tatjana from Kranj(Slovenia) 19.09.2020


I would like to order leggings Rebel Skin Dancink Needles P2: price 46,78€ and Skin Yadou P3: price 46,60€.
Both in S size.
I already have 3/4 leggings Yadou P4, extremely happy, high quality and really enviable design.
Persistent colors, opaque material. Motive written inside pants is really like I feel...

Please for your payment details.

Thank you. I wish you a pleasant weekend, Tatjana

Irena from Ribnica(Slovenia) 24.04.2020

Yesterday I tried your kit for the first time. It was more than great!
I was in my home garden working for 6 hours and 4F leggings and bra were adapted to my body perfectly.
This kit needs some promotion. I am within three sporting groups and this 4F kit will get well known for sure.
You have one more satisfied customer.
Bra top is really important for women who have larger breasts. And this 4F bra is reall top-quality.

I am really happy that I ordered this sport kit at your store.

Good luck and stay safe!

Nataša from Ljubljana(Slovenia) 29.11.2019


Leggings are great, thank you for bandana!
Kind Regards,

Polona from Ljubljana(Slovenia) 25.04.2019


just received leggings, in S size and these are perfect...crazy and top quality...thank you :)

Nataša from Selca(Slovenia) 26.01.2019

The Best leggings
I am really satisfied, I already have two pieces and they are both top top top.

Barbara from Borovnica(Slovenia) 11.01.2019

I comletely fell in love.
I have the best uniforms for my work
Thank you

Now I am thinking, which rebel leggings can I still have in size S?

I wan't to have another one

Ana from Nova Gorica(Slovenia) 13.12.2017

What too small, leggings are perfect! Thank you very much.

What kind of clothing care would you suggest, washing at 30°C? Is there any model with pockets available?

Thank you and good luck, Ana

Anja on Facebook 17.10.2017

Quality, extra comfortable, nice, quick delivery, many discounts...Only praise

Dragica from Vransko(Slovenia) 23.9.2017

Really great leggings...I am excited about Bia Brazil leggings,...they are exactly the same as they are describing them and also responsiveness and kindness is great...

Branka from Komenda(Slovenia) 15.9.2017


is it possible to buy a gift voucher in amount of 20,00 EUR and you send it to me via e-mail? I need it for my friend, who celebrates on Sunday. And I'll pay you on your bank account.

Thank you for your feedback and I wish you a pleasant day.

Your regular customer and enthusiast Bia Brazil lover:))

P.S. Activewear is top quality, fashionable and comfortable. More than appropriate for leisure and sport activities. In my closet there is a minimum of 24 pieces of yours:)

Nina from Kranj(Slovenia) 25.8.2017

Thank you, I am very happy with the arrived shipment, all the items are great and also thanks for the nice surprise...I remain your customer:) and will check for new arrivals.

Kind regards, Nina

Terja from Finland 17.8.2017

Greetings from Finland! Excellent service :)

Dragica from Žalec(Slovenia) 20.12.2016

Hello....I received my sport tights....they are great....I can't wait for Santa to leave them under tree...I am so happy...

Wish you all the best in the next year

Lea from Kranj(Slovenia) 17.8.2016

Got them today :) they are really awesome :):) thank you

Lea from Ljubljana(Slovenia) 8.8.2016

Lea: I am waiting them to come
Petra: Please give us a feedback if you are satisfied. They look awesome
Lea: Probably tomorrow I will get them..I will report, if they are worth of money
Lea: Petra, they are top ;)
Petra: Thank you for your info and your picture.

Urša from Kresnice(Slovenia) 21.6.2016

Thank you for sending a package so quickly!
Leggings are really excellent. Finally one that perfectly fit. They are great in all respects.

Definitely will buy something again:-)

Maja from Ljubljana(Slovenia) 9.6.2016


yesterday I received a tank top TT4357 and it is wonderful. Compressing a little bit in chest part, but it is nice, because a bra is not needed and the lower part of the tank top is nice, because it is transparent and very breathable. Beautiful colors and pleasant material! :-)

I wanted to write you yesterday already, but these days I have problems with my health, obviously because of all obligations I had. I can not wait to restore my health and start working out in your great clothes.

Greetings and have a nice day,

Maja from Ljubljana(Slovenia) 28.5.2016

Dear Mr. Grega!

Yesterday I received a package with leggings (order no. 12510) and I must tell you that they are really TOP! :-) I like to commend, if something is really good, so I decided to write you.

When I opened the package and pulled out the first leggings and then the second one, my first thought was "where should I put them? On my nose?". But anyway I tried them and thought I will get them to my thighs only. But it was not so. Easily I put them on me, and I must tell you that I didn't feel so good in anyother leggings. Long tights are soft, but for hot days a little too warm, but I'll wear them in the colder days. In the autumn they will be great. But especially I am impressed with short leggings. Soft, nice thin, they are like a second skin. And the color - great, that orange one - especially invigorates them. :-)

And thank you for attaching small gifts and a voucher. I think I'll just use it ...already today when I order two tank tops also. Most likely, the voucher is valid only on undiscounted items, right?

Briefly, I am excited over your items .... I think that on the basis of these two items, I can conclude that your whole assortment is high quality. ;-) I got one Nike tights, but they are not so comfortable. They are fashionable with mesh as some Bia Brazil tights, but rather more compress, it seems to me that they do not breathe as well as Bia Brazil. :-)

I search a little bit and saw that brand Bia Brazil produce really great items. Since I love colors, colorful patterns excited me most. When you go to our sports shops, mostly they offer black sporting clothes, especially leggings are all black and without any special pattern or anything like that.

So, I hope that you will bring some more beautiful and colorful items in Slovenia.... especially some set with a top and shorts for pole dance for example. ;-) Maybe any bra top that it isn't black. ;-)

Well, all compliments again to your e-store. Also for your fast shipping and kind explanation about the appropriate size of items. ;-)

I look forward to your new products and wish you a nice welcome.

Janja from Žiri(Slovenia) 21.3.2016


today I received a package with Bia Brazil leggings. And I can only say...waaaw ;)
I am very satisfied for selected leggings. Now, I only need to start with training. But it won't be difficult to start, because of my new leggings.
And thank you for your lovely present.

Neli from Renče(Slovenia) 24.2.2016


first of all, I would like to thank you for a quick delivery and great package. I am very satisfied with your products...and I also have a request for size replacement:

Tanja from Grosuplje(Slovenia) 21.2.2016

For a Valentine's day, I got my new leggings.

Still waiting for a blue one, but they are sold out :(

Tina from Maribor(Slovenia) 16.2.2016

Thank you for your quick shipping. I am very pleased with a pants that I ordered. And thank you for a present also - headband and ponytail! Really nice attetntion!


Anna from Finland 23.12.2015

Branka from Komenda(Slovenia) 11.12.2015


Thank you for a cute present and a voucher.

You have a great web store, and clothes are top(quality and outlook)!

Wish you all the best and a succesful business in the future!


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