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Composition of Bia Brazil sportswear

INVISTA's SUPPLEX® fabric offers consumers the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Cotton’s natural texture and aesthetics make it the fabric of choice in many garment categories. Garments made with cotton tend to crease and shrink easily, and they often fade in color. INVISTA scientists wanted to give consumers the benefits of cotton, without the pitfalls. They did so by developing SUPPLEX® fabrics, a family that combines the traditional appeal of cotton with the performance benefits of modern fiber technology. SUPPLEX® fabrics are breathable, hold their shape, dry faster than cotton and retain their color. This material is extremely flexible, stretches up to 5 times and returns to its original shape, is softer than standard nylon fabrics, wicks moisture away, dries very fast and does not fade or shrink. Women sports wear Bia Brazil are designed for sports activities such as yoga, gymnastics, running, pilates, fitness and other activities. High-quality materials designed by the latest technology provide a feeling of softness, strength, flexibility, comfort and dryness during your workout as well as leisure.


INVISTA's LYCRA® SPORT fabric is specially suitable for all types of sports activities for athletes or any other sport enthusiast. Due to the exceptional elasticity of the material, which after use is returned to its original shape, sportswear provide a comfortable workout for easily achieving maximum results in practice. For more please visit >>

Maintaining dryness

Sweating is one of the natural process how to keep body cool. The material allows maintenance of the temperature, as well as the feeling of dryness. At your daily activities or your heavier workout with Bia Brazil clothing you will always have a pleasant and memorable feeling.

Supplex Lycra


From it's first to the last layer material allows you freedom of movement and provides warmth. T-shirts, leggings, pants or jackets made from material INVISTA SUPPLEX® are ideal for athletes, exercisers, and all others who like sport. Composition of material provides you long-lasting freshness and confidence throughout the day.


INVISTA's SUPPLEX® material gives a feeling of cotton with advanced characteristics of fiber superior technology. Sports clothes are breathable, retain their original shape, drying faster than cotton and retain their color no matter how many times you wash.

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