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Marija Paladin - Top Fit MAMA

I'm working mommy and a PhD student. With motherhood, I realized how powerful example we are for our children. It is important to take care of our own health and well-being, because that is the only way to have enough energy for handling all the tasks and the roles that we have in life.
For this purpose, I edit FB page and the webpage, which are designed for those who want to live healthy despite the lack of time due to all responsibilities and tasks they have.
I am also author of recipe book ‘Fit recipes with low-carb (Fit recepti z malo ogljikovimi hidrati)’ which achieved its first reprint only 6 months after the first publication of the book.

About Bia Brazil Activewear:

During exercise, I have tried a number of different sportswear, less known to the better-known brands. Without exaggeration, I can say that Bia Brazil activewear clothes, not only meet but also exceed my expectations. Material really "breathes" and maintains a feeling of dryness, even during intense exercise, while also being comfortable and fits to the body perfectly. BiaBrazil sportswear is fashionable, comfortable and functional at the same time.

Ana Meke - SUPERset

My name is Ana and I am 25 years old. My sport career began at the age of 12, when I first wore taekwondo suit and tie white belt, 8 years later a black one. Due to lack of time I stopped punching bags and changed them for jumping to different workout exercises, later quickly changed for lifting the weights. I found my passion and decided to upgrade it with a license for personal trainer. Now, beside me I am pushing the others too and enjoy every second of it. I run individual and different workout classes, such as bootcamp, TRX, circuit training, workout for seniors, etc...

However, as sporting activities are not the only important thing for a healthy life, I started to study about food and creating different recipes. That's how me and my partner have set up a page SUPERSset. We represent healthy food and try to lift it to a gourmet level and closer to each individual. Beside nutrition we show and post ideas and tips that are associated with different workout practice.

>>SUPERset FB profile<<

About Bia Brazil Activewear:

I always wanted to wear leggings as my working uniform, but I didn't know that this could be actually possible. Beside training the others, I also workout regularly by myself. So most of the day I spent in constant movement. Therefore, I need quality sportswear, which is breathable, adaptable to the body and offer maximum support. Bia Brazil Activewear met and exceeded all my expectations. For me the perfect sportswear. If I compare it with other brands, I would definitely bet on and choose Bia Brazil Activewear. The main argument for my decision is, that tights are not crawling down after a whole day of workout demonstrations. A further compliment is that they look formidable. As well as their bra tops, which are just right padded and offer excellent support. Bia Brazil bra tops form a nice shape and highlight femininity. I love this brand so much, because BiaBrazil also offers a variety of material, thinner or thicker. So for each season, I can find the right ones.

Martina Vetrih IFBB Bikini

My name is Martina and I've been connected with sport from my early ages. When I was 6 years old, I started to train figure roller-skating and actively continue the next 12 years. Two times I finished at 4th place in European championship and also two times finished at 4th place in the World championship. Due to an injury, I stopped at 18, and moved in fitness training. With competitions I started in 2013, but this year conducted my fourth competition season in the category Bikini Fitness.

>>Martina Vetrih FB profil<<


Saint & Sinner 18/8/2013 - 6th place Women's Bikini

Balkan Championship 10/5/2014 - 5th place Juniors Women's Bikini

Maxximum open 2014 11/10/2014 - 3rd place Juniors Women's Bikini, 4th place Women's Bikini over 163cm

Arnold classic Europe 2015 28/09/2015 - 16th place Women's Bikini over 169cm

Maxximum open 2015 17/10/2015- 3rd place Women's Bikini over 168cm

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