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Rebel Skin Artists - tatoo masters of Poland


Kuba Romanowicz - He began to work with tattoo art at the end of 2013. Initially, using the 'handpoke' method, soon afterwards he began to study machine-made paintings.

Turning point of his career was at the end of 2015, when he began to work professionally with tattoo business.

His most common paterns are from dots, black work, mandala and geometric patterns.

He is a member of the Rock'n'Roll tattoo and piercing studio in Wroclaw and author of the painting for the Rebel Skin leggings Romanowicz P1 in Romanowicz P2.


Raspazjan - Is one of the most famous Silesian artist. Painter, muralist, wizard. In his works he combines the futuristic visions of the imaginary world with the Silesian folk demonology.

He is a co-founder of the LINEACT theater group and the MODRO Foundation. In his free time he is a photographer, a graphic designer, a cultural animator and a social worker.

He won the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship award for achievements in artistic creation. He lives and works in Katowice.

He is author of the painting for Rebel Skin leggings Raspazjan P1.


Krzysztof Kamyk - He never thought about drawing tatoos. This passion came unexpectedly.

Main impact for doing this came from his father, and in the last year of the technical school he began to draw more seriously. Soon afterwards, he began with easy patterns for friends who were urging him to try out tattoos.

That's how it happened. In 2014, he made his first tattoo. At first he worked in the grandmother's house, and his tattoos quickly took over him.

He quickly developed his tattoo skills. In two years he has risen to a high level, both visually and technically. He is currently working at the Tyske Studio Zmierzloki and thus continues to develop and improve his skills.

His work can be described as a mixture of realistic tattoos with a black and gray graphic style. He loves to supplement realistic shapes with animated accessories and a combination of geometry. Mostly he uses black color, although sometimes also color that dominates the composition to create it.

He is author of the painting for Rebel Skin leggings Kamyk P1 in Kamyk P2.


Yadou (Agnieszka Trojanowska) - Is a tattoo artist from Caffeine Tattoo studio in Warsaw. Her tattoo adventure started six years ago, immediately after completing her studies at the University of Art in Poznan.

She is inspired by subtle sketches and tattoos from water colors. Apart from working in a studio, she also deals with illustration. She creates fabulous children's illustrations as well as more realistic portraits.

She is author of the paintings for Rebel Skin leggings Yadou P1 in Yadou P2.


Sava (Sandra Woźniok) - She graduated the private SWSIM University of graphics.

During her studies, she was most interested in poster and children's illustrations, which had a direct impact on her work. Her grandfather professor Roman Starak was a painter and drawing teacher and he had the greatest influence on the theme and the shapes of Sandra's drawings.

Her main characteristic are vibrant colors, thick black contours and the effect of watercolor. She has been professionally engaged in tattoos since 2015.

She is author of the paintings for Rebel Skin spiders Sava P2.


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