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Sport Leggings Rebel Skin Romanowicz P3

Intensity, energy, power. Flower of life and motif of Mandala >> author Kuba Romanowicz (Polish tattoo master)

>> Premium tights with extra wide waistband

>> Super energetic, intense orange leggings with bright blue elements

>> Unique with the signature of the author

>> Extremely breathable and functional

>> Adjust to your body, shape your butt, thighs and waist

>> Opaque leggings

>> Power flat seams ensure long and maximum comfort

>> A wide, elastic waistband for fix leggings during your exercise

>> Selected, asymmetric design (low front side and elevated in back)

>> Like your second skin







Sport Leggings Rebel Skin Romanowicz P3

Women sport leggings Romanowicz P3 is the newest model of Rebel Skin leggings. First two models Romanowicz P1 and Romanowicz P2 are now upgrated in better sporting experience and even more artistic freedom. Sport leggings are ideal choice for all regularly active women who are close to art and freedom. They are made from the highest quality polyester and elastane, which allow comfort and carefree workout. The motif of the flower of life and mandala is typical for the artist Kuba Romanowicz. The intense orange color with bright blue elements makes sure that these tights are especially attractive. An extra wide waistband ensures carefree exercise with maximum effort, as Rebel Skin leggings adapt to the body and does not lie down during your practice. Sports leggings are suitable for all types of sports activities such as yoga, fitness, aerobics and running. Ideal for modern women, who are always in motion and in love with art. For all lovers of tattoo patterns, it will be like your second skin. These are premium class leggings and extra emphasize women's shape and provide great comfort in training.

Author Kuba Romanowicz about his project:
The composition of this project is in some way the embodiment of re-birth, followed by enormous effort and dedication. The flower of life and mandala is the symbol of peace, stability, as well as the sudden change, the destruction of everything, and the construction of nothing. Red and orange are fire - life, blue and white - like water, it can be calm, or also very choppy. Just like every exercise, it requires maximum dedication, hard work and adaptability to changes, as in the case of a newborn person.

Sport leggings Rebel Skin are unique. Each of the models is a unique product perfected in every detail and signed by the author of the painting. Exceptional combination of artistic concept and complete practical implementation.

Be unique, put the REBEL'S SKIN ON! They are like your second skin!




Our model wears size S. Height 166 cm and weight 55 kg.

Estimated delivery in 10 business days from accepting your order.

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